This is probably a once in a life time chance to meet your mild mannered and reserved distant Onsrud cousins. Usually we don't get out much from working in the woodshop or cooking in the church basement. However, Sally Onsrud in Wauwatosa Wisconsin and Susan ("Onsruth") Smith in New Hampshire have issued the order that we are going to have a reunion on October 7-9 in Westby Wisconsin. We don't know why those dates but we've been taught not to question our elders. We just say "ya, you betcha" and do what they say.

If your name happens to be Onsrud, you are descended from an Onsrud, or you live or lived with one or more of them, you are invited. We don't think there are many of us out there so we may have to stretch to get a room full.

Helge Onsrud, who lives in Norway, did some recent research for us over the Easter weekend. In checking the register of place and farm names in Norway he discovered that there are all together four Onsrud farms listed in Norway; in Snertingdal. Ullensaker, Brandval and Etnedal municipalities respectively. The old tradition in Norway was to take on the name of the farm settlement to which you moved. Thus the various branches of Onsruds that emigrated to the U.S. are not necessarily related by blood even if they came from the same farm. Then again, it appears there was intermarrying among Onsrud's from different families working the same settlements in Norway. Other Onsrud's that emigrated to the U.S. changed their family name. Two family trees for early Onsrud emigrants to the U.S. are linked in the left menu and there are probably more.

This reunion is probably of greatest interest to the descendents of the Jens Larsen Onsrud line and/or those with ties to the Onsrud farm in Snertingdal. This includes the descendents of Onsrud’s who emigated to the Westby Wisconsin area in 1853 and Ettrick area about 1857. However, if you are somehow tied to an Onsrud line with ancestors that emigrated from Norway long ago and are interested in meeting others with a similar heritage you are certainly welcome.

Many descendants don't have the last name of Onsrud since there appears to be a high proportion of females to males born in the Onsrud family line. At least in the race to be born, this lends credence to the claim that "all the women are strong."

The date and location of the reunion are currently set but everything else on these web pages is subject to change. If you can help out, please do. If you have relatives that should know about the reunion, please pass the word. If you would like to join the planning discussions or see what others are already talking about, join the discussion list in the left menu.

REGISTRATION: If you know you are coming, send a note to Harlan (onsrud<at> or give him a call at 1-207-866-3774. (Dennis is out of the country for awhile). Supply your name, address, phone, email and names of other members of your family that will attend (provide also ages of children). This will reserve your slot. For a hotel, see the "location and facilities" link in the left menu and make your own reservation.

The Onsrud Family Reunion Planning Committee (audio greeting) (Dave)

News Flash: Midwest Discovered between East and West Coasts

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