Extracts from Sally and Susan's Initial Invitation

How about a big ol' Uff da Onsrud reunion in Westby, WI Oct 7, 8. 9, 2005? Wherever you are - you descendants of Lars O. Onsrud (and others) - come and bring stories, pictures and of course, yourselves. East coast, west coast, north and south. It should be a wild and glorious time, munching of lefsa and lutefisk.

Tentative plans: arrive in Westby Fri. Oct 7th. Not knowing how many will attend, a general meeting place can be available. I have one arranged for Saturday p.m.

Norskedalen in Coon Valley can be our Saturday outing. A large group can get a discount on entrance fees. It happens that on that weekend they are having a Civil War reenactment. Food will be available by the Volunteer fire department, but they have to know ahead of time how many to expect.

Tell your kinfolk - spread the word. So many of the 3rd generation are gone. And the 4th generation is getting older so now seems like a good time.

Sally Onsrud and Susan Onsruth Smith

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