Famous Onsrud Decendants

We thought this page was going to be empty until Praire Home Companion came on last week and the Baldwin sisters mentioned that one of their grandmothers was an Onsrud. The pig song they sang was a hoot and the opera wasn't bad either. So we decided we could list them here. Check them out at Segment 4 on the January 29 show.

Then who are those Onsrud's that make all the high quality router bits? There must be someone famous in that group. http://www.onsrud.com

David Onsrud can wiggle his ears but that makes him famous within only a very limited realm.

Jens Olsen Onsrud and Ole Olsen Onsrud both fought in the U.S. Civil War on the side of the Union. Perhaps we should document the family members who have fought in all the wars since.

If you have other nominations, please pass them on and we will add them here. Send to harlanonsrud@yahoo.com

American Norwegian Links

If you are interested in American Norwegian history and events, consult the following links (forwarded by Stuart Onsrud).










Some documents:

http://home.online.no/~aoestern/slekt.pdf (Has a few Onsrud references)

http://www.naha.stolaf.edu/archives/pdf/guidetoarchives.pdf (no Onsrud references but lots for Wisconsin) t

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