Onsrud Family Trees

Linked below are two Onsrud family tress. It appears that the tradition in Norway was to take on the name of a farm when you made it your permanent home.

According to Helge's research, the name Onsrud was first used in Snertingdal in 1669. Jens Larsen Moen was born in 1747 and adopted the name Onsrud sometime between 1802 and 1806, presumably when he settled on the farm in Snertingdal. Jens Larsen (Moen) Onsrud and and Anne Olsdatter Skumrud lived on the Snertingdal Onsrud farm and are the progenitors of the Onsruds that emigrated to Westby and Ettrick Wisconsin. See Jens Larsen Onsrud Family Tree (pdf -1.5 MB) (word -1.1 MB). If you have additions or corrections send them to John <Jhelmer@aol.com>

Torer Larson Skedsmo was born in 1808 and married Berte Guttormson who was working at the Onsrud farm in Ullensaker. They moved to the Onsrud farm in 1844. They obviously adopted the name Onsrud because their three daughters and one son had the last name of Onsrud. All four children emigrated to the U.S. Anton Toreson Onsrud, who emigrated in 1871, and Ellen Maria Johansen Braaten, who emigrated in 1872, were married in 1874. They are the progenitors of most of the onsruds that trace their heritage to the Stoughton Wisconsin vicinity. See Toner Larson (Skedsmo) Onsrud Family Tree (pdf - 212 KB) (word - 132 KB). If you have additions or corrections send them to Stu <jellyjar@adelphia.net>

Finding Yourself: After downloading your family tree, use the search or find feature to locate your name or that of your parents or grandparents. If names or information for you, your children, parents, aunts, uncles, etc. are incorrect or missing, please forward the correct information.

Note: For the Jens Onsrud Tree, the document has been truncated after the fifth generation and the remaining data is being sent to people individually for updating. The entire document through the eighth generation will be made available at the reunion. If you would like a copy of your branch now, contact harlanonsrud@yahoo.com.

Privacy: The family trees are intended to contain only information normally found in the public record and we have avoided the use of private or potentially embarrassing information. However we would love to hear your family gossip at the reunion. Far more detailed information is available on most of us in commercial databases but we did not consult those sources.

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